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"Special Seasoned Duck Bento 795kcal"

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Episode Summary: As Sen heads towards a store alone, Ayame learns about how Yū triumphed over the previous Monarch Butterfly, Matsuba, with Endo, her successor, wanting revenge on Yū's successor, Sen. As Ayame warns Yō about this, Sen, who had gotten severely beaten up by the Gabriel Retchetts, arrives at the Ralph Store to face against Endo. As Ren feels regret after hearing words of disappointment from Matsuba, the current God of Discounts, he tries to stop Endo but is knocked away. As the brawl begins, Yō and Ayame arrive and together they manage to defeat Endo. Afterwards, Ren follows Matsuba's advice and starts to live for himself. Meanwhile, Yū leaves the country to study overseas, and Matsuba bids him farewell, after reminiscing about their bento brawl with each other and discussing Endo's plan to succeed her.

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