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""The Blade Raider"
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Episode Summary: Tyson is at home practicing martial arts with his grandfather when suddenly he realizes he's late for a Beyblade battle with Andrew. As he runs out of his house he's confronted by a couple of bullies who only slow him up for his real battle. But when Tyson does show up, Andrew and his friends are met by a smart mouthed kid named Carlos who's a member of the notorious Blade Sharks. Carlos challenges anyone to a battle but the winner gets to keep the others Beyblades. Tyson accepts. With the help of Kenny and his Bit Beast Dizzi (Kenny's bit-beast isn't present in the Japanese version), who's trapped inside his laptop, Tyson prepares for the big battle, which he handily wins. But just when the fight is over, the Blade Sharks' leader, a mysterious blader named Kai shows up and a new battle begins between Kai and Tyson.

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    downloading and re-watching for old-times’ sake. used to be addicted to this. <3

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