Binbougami ga! Episode 11 English Subbed

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Episode Summary: With her bath made a mess by Momiji, Ichiko goes with Ranmaru to the public baths, where they are joined by Keita and his family. The trip proves to be less than peaceful with Bobby and Momo'o trying to take a peek and Momiji up to her usual tricks. Realising Momiji hasn't had a bath in ages, Ichiko gives her and her familiar, Kumagai, a thorough cleaning. After Bobby makes light of Ranmaru's looks, she ends up busting down the wall between the men's and women's baths, leading to some embarrassing reveals. The next day, Ichiko is surprised to find Momiji with such a radiant personality.

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  1. Sugoisan

    Sep 14th, 2012

    I didn’t care so much for the fan service in this episode. But it was very funny. Very good indeed.

    (Mental note, Gods of misfortune turn cute when you bathe them)

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