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"Is This That Pattern Where You Were Brought Up Like a Man? / I'll Never Forget What Happened Today!!"
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Episode Summary: When Ichiko is misunderstood as a shoplifter by the police, she manages to ditch the blame on a tough-looking girl who was passing by in order to escape. This girl turns out to be a transfer student named Ranmaru Rindou, who enrols in Ichiko's class the next day. Irritated over what happened, Ranmaru challenges Ichiko to a fight, but immediately loses due to Ichiko's great luck. Following the fight, Ranmaru gains a crush on Keita, which Ichiko and Momiji are quick to notice. With their own motives, the two decide to give Ranmaru a makeover into something more girly. Although Ranmaru is pleased with her new look, it does not go down well with her father, Genjurou, who beats her and tears up her new outfit. Exploding with anger, Ichiko challenges Genjurou to a fight to make him stop forcing his ideals onto Ranmaru. As Ichiko is about to win, due to her luck, Ranmaru stops her, telling her that he's the only parent he's got. The next day, as Genjurou gives Ranmaru permission to wear what she wants, she decides she is more comfortable in her tough guy outfit.

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