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"Black Blood Brothers"
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Episode Summary: Ten years after the Kowloon Shock, Jiro Mochizuki and his little brother, Kotaro, return to Japan so they can go to the Special Zone. Inside the ship, Kotaro sneaks out, despite the fact that Jiro told him not to. He then meets a girl name Chan. Chan promises to keep their encounter a secret. On the ship, Kotaro is caught in the middle of a fight between the Special Zone Suppression Team and a group of refugees. Jiro is awakened by the fighting and punishes Kotaro for disobeying him. Jiro asks why is everyone fighting. The leader of the refugees introduces herself as Kelly Wong. She accuses The Suppression Team for being nothing but homicidal maniacs. The Suppression Team then explain that they won't allow Jiro, Kelly, and the refugees to enter the Special Zone illegally. However, if they have permission from the owners of the Special Zone then the Special Zone, they will be accepted. Jiro confirms that he is unfamiliar with the concept. The Suppresion Team attack Jiro, but Jiro uses Hide-Hand to defend himself During the fight, the ship's deck explodes. As a result, Kotaro falls into the ocean and Jiro jumps in to save him. Kelly and the rest of the refugees escape through a small boat. Meanwhile, Mimiko Katsuragi, a Compromiser from the Company, receives a call from Jinnai.

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