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"Order Coffin Company"
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Episode Summary: The false Kelly Wong is actually Cassa, who is holding Mimiko captive so that she can see Jiro again. Rinsuke become unconcsious due to hypnotic suggestion by Kain. As Cassa prepares to turn Mimiko into a Kowloon child, Kotaro and Zelman comes to her rescue. Hibari tells Jiro where he can find her. After her fight with Zelman, Cassa decides to leave, but not before giving a message about the Coven. The Company discover that the vampires that the Suppression team rescued in the previous episode are actually Kowloon children as they start infecting others with their blood. Jinnai learns that it was because of the blood packs that Mimiko discovered. Sei is confronted by Zaza, who tells him that if he doesn't tell him the location of the Eleventh Yard, he will destroy the OCC building with a hidden bomb. Before he could, he was impaled by Zhang. Zaza then steals a body of one of the Suppression team members, then helps Yafuri escape.

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