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"The Kowloon Bloodline"
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Episode Summary: Kotaro meets up with Johan. Johan tells Kotaro to come with him and Kelly so that they can help him find Jiro. Mimiko arrives and comes along worth them. Jiro is questioned by the head of the Suppression team, Badrick. Badrick explains that one of the refugees may be a Kowloon Child. For that reason, the Suppression Team must exterminate them all. At Chinatown, Kotaro and Chan are playing with paper airplanes. Kelly explains to Mimiko that if she would have let him drink her blood, Jiro would've easily escaped the Suppression team earlier. Mimiko explains to Kelly that Kowloon children can turn people just by drinking their blood and can even turn other vampires. Kelly explains that Kowloon Children are similar to all other vampires because they are all seen as monsters. Mimiko then explains that Kowloon Children kill the people they feed on. Thus, Kowloon Children are nothing like other vampires. Chan appears before Kotaro as a Kowloon Child. Meanwhile, Rinsuke releases Jiro. Back at Chinatown, the Suppression Team once again attack the refugees. It is then revealed that Johan is the kowloon child and has infected the remaining refugees. Jiro, finding out, goes to save Kotaro and Mimiko who are with them. Kotaro is kidnapped by Johan, along with Chan, and Kelly's friends, who became Kowloon children.

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