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"Silver Blade"
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Episode Summary: Jiro, Mimikko and Kotaro are standing in front of Mimiko's burning apartment. Jiro was extremely agitated that August went on to Blew up Mimiko's place. Mimiko said that it's okay and that their new plan is to go to the office of the Order Coffin Company to make sure that Jiro and Kotaro can stay safe in the Special Zone. Elsewhere, Zaza is seen on a boat at the river. He suddenly notices that Yafuri sneaked out. To make matters worse, he receives a call from Cassandra. Upon reaching the office, all the leader of the 3 Bloodlines in the special zone came together with a former vampire hunter, Jinnai, Kain and the president of OCC. Mimiko speaks to them regarding Jiro's situation while the brothers wait outside the room. Kain decides that August must be punished by his action and that no one else mus take his place after he's gone. Meanwhile, Sayuka was seen with several men, one of which was trying to carry a seemed to be lifeless body. However, as one of them started carrying the dead guy, he suddenly woke up and bit the guy carrying him. The other quickly threw him to the ground and started kicking him until he turns to dust. They were all shocked by what happened but only after a few seconds, the guy who was bitten seemed to have transformed and started biting and killing the other men. Back at the meeting, Kain made it clear that he and Sei are not gonna let Jiro stay in the Special Zone since he only brings trouble. However, Zelman said that if no one is willing to accept Jiro into their place he will. Kain again expressed his concern with his decision. Shortly after, Kotaro was heard talking to the guard outside looking for Mimiko. Kain allowed Kotaro to come to the room. Kotaro came bursting into the room and informed Mimiko that Jiro has left the building and told Kotaro that he will teach someone a lesson. Kotaro said that he was smiling but the look in his eyes is very scary and that he was worried. Kain immediately ordered to call the Suppression Team of the company to stop Jiro. Mimiko made her objection about the matter but Kain explained that no red blood can know that old bloods are fighting as this may result into bigger conflilcts. Jinnai then talks to Mimiko who was crying and gave her a mission: to find Jiro and make sure no commosion happens since that is the job of a compromiser. After Mimiko and Kotaro left, Jinnai changes the subject of the meeting from Jiro to the Kowloon Children. Sei was asked if there was a way to detect if a Kowloon Child enter the Special Zone. He said the barrier he built was not made to detect them. Zelman commented that the Special Zone will act as a prison to any Kowloon Child who entered since it's technically impossible to get out as the barrier is controoled by Sei. Back in the office, Zelman receives a call from Sayuka. Zelman then put his phone on speakers and let the others listen to Sayuka. Sayuka explained exactlly what happen and confirmed that the first guy was bitten by August. Kain then ordered to have the Suppression Team change their gear to the one specifically manufactured for fighting the Kowloon Children. Jiro is now seen attacking the mansion, impaling every vampire that stands in his way. As Mimiko and Kotaro arrived at the mansion, Jiro was seen standing in front of the door waiting for them. Mimiko immediately threw fits at Jiro saying that what he did will compromise his situation at the Special Zone. Jiro said that he just wants the others to know what will happen to them if they mess with him. Mimiko again promised that they will stay in Special Zone but Jiro wants to leave. He said that that is that only way for Mimiko to be safe but Mimiko objected. Mimiko was then attacked by August who is now a Kowloon Child. However, she was saved by Jiro and they started to fight. Jiro asked him who bit him to become what he is. August said he wasn't bitten but instead drank the blood of a Kowloon Child. Jiro defeats August when two other Coven vampires attacked both him and Mimiko and Kotaro. Jiro saved himself but did not have time to save Mimiko and Kotaro. Fortunately, they were saved by Yafuri. Although he save the two, Jiro quickly went in between them and confirmed with Yafuri that he is a direct descendant of the Kowloon King. Yafuri informed Jiro that he was turned into Kowloon Child before Jiro defeated the Kowloon King. Yafuri also told Jiro that in the past 10 years, his sister Cassa has said nothing but she wants to see Jiro again. Jiro was deeply upset.

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