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"The Black Lagoon"
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Episode Summary: While on a business trip at sea for his company, Rokuro Okajima is abducted by the members of the Lagoon Company: Dutch, Revy, and Benny. After obtaining a confidential disc for their client, Balalaika, the head of Hotel Moscow and a part of the Russian Mafia, Revy takes Rokuro as a hostage onto their ship, the Black Lagoon, to hold for ransom. Despite this, Rokuro begins to bond with the members of the Lagoon Company, and Dutch gives him the nickname "Rock". Meanwhile, the board of Rock's company gives Kageyama, Rock's superior, the authority to pursue the missing disc, and Kageyama hires a mercenary group to attack the Lagoon Company when they stop in the port city of Roanapur. The group dispatches the majority of the mercenaries and escape to the Black Lagoon in their car. However, the Lagoon Company is contacted by Kageyama, who informs Rock that he has been declared dead by the company, and shortly afterwards, a heavily armed helicopter gunship from the same mercenary group starts chasing the Black Lagoon.

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