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"The Unstoppable Chambermaid"
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Episode Summary: Roberta forces Benny to crash the car in the port, but awakens Revy in the process. The two begin a firefight, evenly matched against one another. Balalaika arrives with a full complement of soldiers, and forces the two to stop fighting. She explains Roberta's background to Garcia, noting that she is a famed FARC guerrilla wanted around the globe for numerous assassinations, bombings, and related terrorist activity. Despite this, Garcia claims that Roberta is an accepted member of the Lovelace family. To finish their duel, Roberta and Revy begin a fistfight, with the onlookers making bets on the winner. The two knock each other out, and Garcia leaves for home with Roberta. Afterwards, Rock asks Benny about the background of Balalaika and her soldiers, and Benny reveals that they are former Soviet special forces that distinguished themselves in the Soviet war in Afghanistan.

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