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"Calm Down, Two Men"
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Episode Summary: Dutch dispatches Rock and Revy on errands throughout Roanapur, and Revy is displeased that she is forced to perform them with Rock. When they stop at the Church of Violence, an organization posing as religious missionaries in order to traffic drugs and illegal weaponry, Rock manages to use his business savvy to repair an agreement with Yolanda, the head of the Church of Violence, after Revy draws a gun on her. Yolanda is impressed by Rock's skill and asks Revy to emulate him. Afterwards, Rock and Revy begin a violent disagreement at a restaurant, as Rock is furious at Revy for beginning to act like his former superiors in Japan, leaving Revy at a loss for words. Chief Watsap, the head of the corrupt Roanapur police and presumably a friend of Revy's, is forced to stop them, and the two reconcile in a police car.

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    Awsome video

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    Classic episode for the weirdest love story of all time

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