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"Rasta Blasta"
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Episode Summary: Roberta dispatches the majority of the cartel members, and Garcia is shocked at her combat prowess. Revy inadvertenly reveals the Lagoon Company's presence during the firefight, and is knocked unconscious when Roberta fires a 40 mm grenade at her. Garcia asks the Lagoon Company to take him with them, and they manage to escape. One of the cartel members identifies Roberta as a former FARC guerrilla with a large bounty on her head. Roberta destroys the bar with grenades and steals a car to pursue the Lagoon Company. Having determined Roberta's identity, Balalaika mobilizes soldiers to aid the Lagoon Company. When Roberta catches up to the Lagoon Company, Dutch manages to destroy the engine of her car before almost being pulled out of the car by her and Benny begins driving into alleys and side-streets. As they turn back onto the main road, however, Roberta drives another car into them and latches onto the back of their car with a trench knife.

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