Black Rock Shooter (TV) Episode 4 English Subbed

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"The World I Dreamed of One Day Closes Up"

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Episode Summary: In the other world, another being named Strength is seen throwing Chariot's corpse off a cliff. Meanwhile, Kagari transfers into Mato and Yomi's class whilst Arata recovers from her incident. Yomi, however, continues to become more jealous, as she feels herself drifting away from not only Mato but Kagari as well. As Kagari asks Mato for some advice on how to cheer up Yomi, they stumble upon Yomi arguing with Kagari's clubmates. The next day, Arata turns down the boy she confessed to whilst Yomi breaks down when she receives a text from Yuu, sinking further in despair when Kagari tells her something. Yomi breaks down, which has an effect on Dead Master, who has a changed personality and faces against Black Rock Shooter.

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    Green spider chain skull girl with zombies is starting to freak me out.

  3. Team Burgers

    Jun 20th, 2013

    I came for Black Gold Saw! Y she no fight yet?!

  4. Dead Master xD

    Mar 3rd, 2014

    waa dead master!! <3 geez, that stupid counselor really did it for yomi T^T

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