Black Rock Shooter (TV) Episode 5 English Subbed

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"Black Rock Shooter"

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Episode Summary: As Black Rock Shooter fights against a huge army under Dead Master's control, Yomi behaves strangely at school, giving Yuu a strange bracelet and cutting her hair in class. As Yuu becomes cautious of Saya's actions, Mato sees the battle between Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master in her sleep. As Mato visits Saya the next day, she tries to strangle her, leaving her confounded. After seeing the painting Yomi drew of her, Mato comes to realise that is because of her that Yomi is suffering. She soon discovers that noone in the basketball club remembers Yuu, soon finding her own memories of her clash with reality. Yuu then appears before her, telling her that the other world in her dreams is real, filled with people's other selves who represent their hearts. She tells her if Dead Master is killed, then Yomi would lose the will to live. Yuu puts Mato into a deep sleep, sending her mind into that of Black Rock Shooter, only to find she had just killed Dead Master. The shock of this causes Black Rock Shooter's blazing blue eye to become purple.

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