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12 Responses to “Blade and Soul Episode 1”

  1. flix


    Apr 3rd, 2014


  2. NoxByFirstTry

    Apr 3rd, 2014

    ohh some potantial there

  3. animeloversp

    Apr 3rd, 2014

    More epic than I thought it would be, lets hope it becomes something, I don’t need this to be another gun ho slaughter everything anime.

  4. olympus

    Apr 4th, 2014

    ohoh this seems interesting :D

  5. AorusKamina

    Apr 4th, 2014

    The story may become very good. Though if you haven’t played the MMO that this anime is based off you’re most likely asking too much if you don’t want it to be another…. perverse… fighting anime.

  6. belekas

    Apr 4th, 2014

    dissapointing dislike when the main character is a girl and its only girls fking boring

  7. rctron

    Apr 4th, 2014

    could anyone post this in 720p? I’d appreciate it.

  8. klamens

    Apr 4th, 2014


  9. esato

    Apr 4th, 2014

    i hope this is 720p…

  10. Demos

    Apr 8th, 2014

    dissapointing … bad animation bad story , its not game Gerne and boring only the first part was good

  11. Style


    Apr 10th, 2014

    My name is zech and I am scum

  12. Raining


    Apr 10th, 2014

    She’s badass! Doesn’t even hesitate!

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