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"Zaraki Division's Secret Story! The Lucky Men"

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Episode Summary: Ikkaku recalls his first encounter with Kenpachi Zaraki when he was a vagrant in Rukongai. Kenpachi easily defeated him, and told Ikkaku to consider a respite from death after a fight as luck. After learning that Kenpachi joined the Thirteen Court Guard Squads as a captain, Ikkaku and Yumichika join Kenpachi's division. When Renji was a member of the eleventh division, Ikkaku trained him, and Renji asked Ikkaku to become a captain after discovering that Ikkaku could use his bankai. Ikkaku refuses, citing his desire to fight and die under Kenpachi's command. In the present, Ikkaku defeats Edorad, and Yumichika congratulates him on his victory.

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