Bleach Episode 128 English Subbed

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"The first of eight filler episodes. During a hollow attack, Rangiku protects the spirit of a child from an arrancar that sings a strange song. After Ikkaku dispatches the arrancar, they forgo sending the child to the Soul Society to interrogate him. The child, named Shōta Toyokawa, is insisitent that he has something to do before leaving the real world, but will not reveal what it is. Rangiku convinces Hitsugaya to wait a day before sending him to the Soul Society. At night, Shōta attempts to steal Rangiku's zanpakutō, but she catches him. He reveals that he has to find someone, but is evasive about who it is. Before Rangiku can press the issue, the arrancar Ikkaku killed reappears."

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