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"Kibune Goes to War! The Violent Wind that Rages"

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Episode Summary: Amagai orders the third division to perform several menial missions and training exercises to build trust within the division members. However, Kira believes that Amagai wishes to replace him with Kibune due to attention the division members give to him. One evening, Kira and Kibune investigate an old execution ground with division member Shinta Seko. The three fall into the execution pit, which is filled with caged hollows. Kira and Kibune easily defeat the hollows, but one of the hollows manages to absorb Shinta. When Kibune attempts to kill the hollow with Shinta, Kira stops his attack, and Kibune state that Shinta's lack of skill as the reason he should die. Amagai arrives and reveals that he created the entire affair. The following morning, Lurichiyo enters the Kasumiōji family household.

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