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"Karakura Town Gathers! Aizen Versus the Soul Reapers"

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Episode Summary: After Kenpachi defeats Nnoitra, the Espada Coyote Starrk and Lilynette Gingerbuck arrive and carrie Orihime away to a tower, where Sōsuke Aizen greets her. He informs her that he, Gin Ichimaru, and Kaname Tōsen are preparing to destroy Karakura Town. Aizen orders Tōsen to contact the Soul Reaper captains, Ichigo, and his friends with kidō, and reveals that he brought Orihime to Hueco Mundo to lure and trap them. While he travels through a garganta portal to Karakura Town, however, Commander-General Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, the leader of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads confronts Aizen, with five other captains. Aizen summons the Espadas Starrk and Lilynette, Barragan Louisenbairn, and Tia Harribel and orders Espada Ulquiorra Cifer to protect Las Noches. Ichigo, sensing the threat to Orihime, flies off to save her.

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