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"Dragon of Ice and Dragon of Flame! The Strongest Showdown!"

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Episode Summary: Ichigo, Yoruichi, Ukitake, Shunsui, and Yamamoto are surrounded by a wall of flames created by Ryūjin Jakka. Yoruichi escapes underground through a fissure she opens using Shunko, but Tobiume uses her fireball to cave it in behind Yoruichi, preventing the others from following. Ichigo attempts to escape by jumping over the wall of flames but is unsuccessful even with his hollow powers. Yamamoto reveals that Muramasa's plan is to destroy Karakura town in order to free his owner, Kouga, who has been sealed there. Upon arriving at Karakura town, Muramasa stumbles upon Inoue and blacks out. After waking up and asking Inoue who she is, Ishida and Chad arrive to take out Muramasa. Ichigo makes a final attempt at jumping over the wall of flames and just before he is defeated and completely enveloped in fire, Hyorinmaru and Hitsugaya arrive to save him. Hitsugaya and Hyorinmaru both activate their Bankai and, together, get Ichigo out of the flames so that he can head to Karakura town to stop Muramasa.

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