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"Final Chapter - Zanpakutō The Alternate Tale"
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Episode Summary: As the dome grows unstable and the Soul Reapers fight the Gillians outside, Ichigo fights Muramasa, who is beginning to become a hollow, inside Kouga's inner realm, which is collapsing from the grudges of the hollows he consumed to sustain himself. Ichigo questions Muramasa's devotion to Kouga in spite of his apparent motives for freeing the zanpakutos, and insists that he should know what a true bond between a Soul Reaper and a zanpakuto is. Ichigo defeats Muramasa, causing the two to leave his inner world. Muramasa dies after realizing the error of his ways and Byakuya thanks Ichigo.

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  1. senzo

    Sep 29th, 2016


  2. LadtRaptor

    May 30th, 2017

    I loved this episode much less because it was dubbed. This is my first time to this site. What I don’t understand, is why so many sites can’t just separate things into a ‘dubbed’ menu and a ‘sub’ menu. You know, making it easier on your anime fans, to get what they want to see that much faster. Remember, laziness on the sites looses fans to other sites.

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