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"Hatred and Jealousy, Orihime's Dilemma"
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Episode Summary: Ichigo and Ulquiorra continue their fight as Loly and Menoly approach Orhime, getting ready to torture her, quoting that Aizen said that she was now useless. Loly orders Menoly to rip Orihime to shreds but she refuses, telling Loly that Orihime has outstanding power which can heal anything. Loly berates Menoly and begins to torture Orihime by herself as Ichigo tries to reach Orihime despite Ulquiorra blocking him. Yammy arrives, kills Menoly, and injures Loly when Ulquiorra refuses to let him fight Ichigo. Orihime heals Loly, who then releases her zanpakutō, revealing herself with multiple venomous skeletal tentacles and she squares off with Yammy. Yammy punches her through the wall and lets her fall, seemingly to her death. He then aims for Orihime, who tries to defend herself with Santen Kesshun as Ichigo still tries to defeat Ulquiorra. Meanwhile, Rukia continues to fight the Exequias as Chad and Renji slaughter Hollows. At the end of the episode, Uryu Ishida bursts through the wall with his Quincy bow, about to join Ichigo in fighting and rescuing Orihime.

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