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"Ichigo Dies! Orihime, the Cry of Sorrow!"
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Episode Summary: Orihime and Uryū arrive just in time to see Ulquiorra execute Ichigo, via cero through chest. Horrified, Orihime rushes to Ichigo's lifeless body, only to be blocked by Ulquiorra. Uryū intervenes and attempts a sneak attack but fails, and decides to buy Orihime time to heal Ichigo's wounds. Ulquiorra quickly overwhelms him, while a distraught Orihime cries out for Ichigo. Orihime's lament breakdown unexpectedly triggers Ichigo to undergo a new hollowfication. Ulquiorra, surprised at the transformation, unleashes a Cero Oscuras, but only to have it blocked by Ichigo's own Cero. After a quick skirmish, Ichigo manages to sever one of Ulquiorra's arm. Ulquiorra reveals his incredible ability to regenerate non-vital organs instantaneously. He regenerates his severed arm and unveils his most devastating attack, the Lanza del Relámpago. The attack proves fruitless as Ichigo dodges it without effort and Ulquiorra is quickly overwhelmed and defeated.

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