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"Fury of the Shark! Harribel's Release"
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Episode Summary: Yammy becomes enraged at Ulquiorra's death and releases his zanpakuto, Ira. He grows to a colossal size and his rank increases from 10 to 0, explaining that the Espada ranks go from 0 to 9. Rukia, Sado and Renji go all out on him, but he successfully blocks all their attacks. Meanwhile, in the fake Karakura, Tia Harribel continues her fight with Toshiro Hitsugaya. As the captains struggle against the Espada, Harribel releases her sword, Tiburón, and slices Hitsugaya's body in two. As she attempts to move toward Captain-Commander Yamamoto to exact revenge on him for destroying her Fraccion, Hitsugaya reappears and reveals it was merely an ice illusion.

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