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"Starrk, the Lone Battle"
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Episode Summary: It is revealed that Shunsui Kyoraku was the one who had stabbed Starrk using his Kageoni attack. He then explains that his zanpakuto loves to play games and explains the rules of the games. Starrk catches on quickly and learns to use Kyoraku's attacks against him. Lillinette saves Starrk from a fatal attack by Kyoraku by absorbing an attack, this kills her. Starrk shows distress at her death, when Kyoraku uses his Irooni game. Starrk, again learns how to play the game and almost defeats Kyoraku. Kyoraku, however," finishes Starrk off by calling out ""Black"" after taking his captain's haori off", dealing a massive amount of damage to Starrk. As Starrk dies, he remembers he is not alone. Meanwhile, Aizen has grown tired of the battle and decides he no longer needs Harribel and slashes her.

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