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"Chain of Sacrifice, Harribel's Past"
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Episode Summary: Harribel recalls her past when she was a Vasto Lorde-ranked Hollow. Saving her then-future Fracción Apacci from a male Hollow, Harribel recruits her into her group, along with Mila Rose and Sung-Sun to grow stronger and kill ravenous male Hollow. The quartet later encounter Barragan when he was king of Hueco Mundo, and Harribel wounds a shark-like Hollow when he approaches her. Aizen, Gin and Kaname arrive in Hueco Mundo to recruit Barragan, Aizen taking interest in Harribel. Some time later, Harribel's group is attacked by the shark Hollow, now an Arrancar. Harribel fights him but nearly loses. Her friends also fight him but are also defeated. Aizen appears and kills the Arrancar. He then offers Harribel a place in his army, telling her that no one would have to be sacrificed in order to grow stronger. In the present, Aizen expresses disappointment in the Espada's strength. Harribel angrily attacks him, then realizes that she attacked an illusion and that she has been stabbed from the back of her left shoulder by the real Aizen. He then states that he will never allow her to raise her sword against him again and withdraws his sword, sending Harribel plummeting into the city below. Aizen then challenges the Gotei 13 and Visored in combat.

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