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"Impossible to Attack? The Sealed Genryūsai!"
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Episode Summary: With the captains defeated, Aizen stabs Yamamoto who initiates his Ennetsu Jigoku technique to trap him, which will kill not only Aizen, but the entire Gotei 13 in the process. However, Wonderweiss appears and extinguishes Yamamoto's flames, revealing himself to have the ability to nullify Ryūjin Jakka. Yamamoto and Wonderweiss engage in unarmed combat, in which the former shatters the latter's body to pieces using hand-to-hand techniques. As Yamamoto stands before Aizen again, Wonderweiss unleashes the flames sealed in his body as he dies. Yamamoto uses his body to minimize the damage the explosion causes. Aizen approaches the immobile Yamamoto and prepares to finish him off, but Yamamoto uses his body as catalyst for the powerful Hadō spell, Ittō Kasō, and catches Aizen in the ensuing explosion. As Aizen manages to get away relatively unscathed, Ichigo attacks him.

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