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"The Extending Blade?! Ichigo vs. Gin!"
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Episode Summary: As Isshin continues to attack Aizen, Gin, who is fighting Ichigo, activates his Bankai, Kamishini no Yari, which allows him to extend his blade to great lengths, stating that he will not hold back unlike the last time they fought each other. His first attack is blocked by Ichigo. Elsewhere, as the battle between Aizen and Isshin still rages on, the former reveals that he has reached the limit of his Soul Reaper self. Subsequently, the Hōgyoku begins to reconstruct his soul. In shock, Isshin discovers through Aizen's statements the true power of the Hōgyoku," which is to ""manifest"" the desires of all the people within its vicinity. As Aizen's transformation intensifies", Kisuke Urahara arrives to participate in the battle.

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