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Episode Summary: Gin recalls apologizing to Matsumoto back on Sokyoku Hill and is satisfied with that. Before Aizen can kill anybody else, Ichigo shows up on the scene with his unconscious father over his shoulder. Gin sees the changed look in Ichigo's eyes and closes his eyes, content with what he had done. Ichigo wishes to change the location of their fight and grabs Aizen's face and pushes him many miles away from the town. Aizen, still believing that he can easily defeat him," surmises that Ichigo has not lost his Spiritual Pressure; he has ""discarded"" it in turn for physical strength. Each swing in the clash between the two is powerful enough to annihilate large amounts of terrain. Aizen becomes increasingly arrogant", and is shocked once again when Ichigo effortlessly stop his blade with his bare hand. Aizen unleashes a complete incantation of the allegedly unstoppable Black Coffin spell upon Ichigo, proving to be of no effect.

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    i just love the way ichigo stepped into the scene now thats what i call a dramatic entrance

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