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"Ichigo's Resolution! The Price of the Fierce Battle"
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Episode Summary: In the aftermath of the Winter War, all of the Soul Reapers begin to recuperate, and in some cases, train, as does Hitsugaya with his bankai. Hiyori is healed by Unohana, but ultimately it is up to her own will if she is to survive. Ichigo questions what Aizen's true motives might have been the whole time, before he is reunited with his friends. However, he suddenly blacks out. In Central 46, Aizen is sentenced to 20,000 years in the lowest underground level of the prison. Yammy is shown defeated in Hueco Mundo. In Rukia's house, Ichigo wakes up and it is revealed that he went through the first couple of stages in losing his powers: his hair is back to its original length, as is his height. Now it is only a matter of an undertermined time before he permanently loses his Soul Reaper powers. However, Ichigo is mainly glad to see all of his friends alive and well.

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