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"Yachiru's friend! The Shinigami of Justice Appears!"
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Episode Summary: Yachiru encounters an old friend she calls Mappy, and a new face, Mayu. Mappy, or Masayoshi starts to tell the two about how a hollow killed his wife. Mayu, having had her parents killed by a hollow starts to feel a bit close to Masayoshi. Later, after a talk with Kenpachi, Yachiru warns her not to get too close to Mappy. However, this was immediately after asking to travel with him. Later on, Masayoshi protects Mayu, and asks her to accompany him as she had previously asked. Then, Yachiru jumps between the two, and reveals that Kenpachi told her how a hollow possessed Masayoshi, as proven when his love for sweets and the memory of his wife's name were now gone. Masayoshi at first doesn't believe it, but Yachiru insists. He begins to transform into the hollow in his panicked state. Just then, a hollow shows up behind Mayu, and Masayoshi jumps in and kills it, fatally wounding himself in the process. Masayoshi dies happily in Mayu's arms after having some konpeito candy from Yachiru, remarking how good it is.

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