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"Defeat Kageroza! Shinigami, All-Out War!"
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Episode Summary: Hitsugaya and Kenpachi arrive at Inaba's base of operations. They engage him in combat, and Inaba reveals his Zanpakutō can record attacks in the Precipice World and fire them back at the opponent. As Inaba gains the upper hand, Yoruichi and the captains arrive, aside from the head captain and Mayuri. Inaba summons the remaining Reigai, and a brawl between the originals and the fakes ensues. At first the captains and Yoruichi are able to overpower Inaba and his forces. However when they lose the upper hand, fake Mayuri slashes Inaba, revealing he switched places with the imposter. Elsewhere, Ichigo is rescued in the Precipice World by a mysterious figure.

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