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"Kon's Thoughts, Nozomi's Thoughts"
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Episode Summary: Urahara deduces where Kageroza's other lab might be, and he and Kon head to that location, only to be halted by a reigai of Kisuke. As Urahara battles his reigai counterpart, Kon dashes down into the lab, where he promptly tries to awaken Nozomi inside her capsule. She does awaken and at first insists that Kon escape, but after seeing his persistence, and his devotion of trying to save her, whom he considers a friend, she tries to help Kon restore Ichigo's Spritual Pressue. Before Ichigo's soul capsule can be created however, reigai Nemu appears and stops the transfer. Immediately afterward, the fusion process is complete. Hollow Ichigo defeats the members of Squad 8 and is about to destroy the reigai of Ise when the fused Yushima appears before him.

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