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"For Some Men I Grieve"

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Episode Summary: Saya finally remembers that, having been captured by Fumito, she had her memories altered and was put on a stage to feed on Furukimono as a test to see if she would change. Fumito has the Furukimono to kill Shinichiro, Nene and Nono for disobeying his orders. Saya kills the Furukimono before it can kill Kanako, but she is instead killed by Tadayoshi who is revealed to be half-Furukimono that has gone berserk from drinking Saya's blood. After the battle between Saya and Tadayoshi, the latter reveals his paternal attachment to Saya before he dies. As Fumito makes his escape, sending an army of multiplying Furukimono to kill everyone in town, Itsuki sacrifices himself in order to protect Saya, admitting he had fallen for her before passing away. After beating the Furukimono, Saya tries to attack Fumito before he escapes, but is shot in the head. Left alone on the island, Saya tends to her wound and prepares to make her next move.

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  1. adaz

    Mar 23rd, 2013

    live saya…….

  2. crnr


    Apr 11th, 2013

    dat awsome!!!! swordplay >..<

    what the hell is with that slaughterfest
    damn it that wound is nasty

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