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"Breaking Shield"

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Episode Summary: While Saya, Kai, Riku, and Hagi go on an outing, Riku tries to repair Saya and Kai's broken relationship. In the meantime, Diva is bored with her toys and demands Carl bring her "that boy," while Dr. Collins and Julia meet with Van about their research into chiropterans. Solomon meets with David and warns him that Diva's chevaliers plan to launch an all-out attack on Red Shield headquarters in three days, and asks him to take Saya to safety. When David asks why, Solomon says it is because he doesn't want Saya to die. Solomon also reveals that the Red Shield has been betrayed from within. David quickly takes Saya and the others back to the ship, leaving Okamura and Mao behind. Solomon and the other chevaliers discover that Carl and Diva have disappeared, much to the anger of Amshel who knew Carl should never be Diva's "babysiter". Dr. Collins reveals to Julia that he doesn't think the chiropterans should be completely destroyed and that he knows about the planned attack on the headquarters. While the Red Shield prepares for the coming attack, Riku convinces Kai to play catch with Saya, which helps them finally return to normal. As they stand on the deck, Saya and Riku hear Diva singing just before Carl (as the phantom) and Diva attack the ship. As Carl begins killing the Red Shield operatives, Diva wonders where "that boy" is.

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