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"A Boy Meets A Girl"

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Episode Summary: Saya and Hagi search for Diva as Kai and Riku go to join David. Kai hears men screaming and goes to investigate, leaving Riku alone on one of the decks. He can hear Diva calling for him, but Kai returns and they head to the conference room. Saya finds Carl, but leaves Hagi to deal with him and so she can continue looking for Diva. Kai and Riku join some of the operatives at an elevator that will take them to the conference room, but Diva is in it when it arrives. Kai grabs Riku and runs, taking refuge in a storage room, while the men try to stop Diva. Saya finds the men's bodies, but Carl appears again and she's forced to fight him. Joel and David agree to activate the ship's self-destruct sequence to try to entomb Diva in it. Kai and Riku hear the warning about the self-destruct sequence, but Diva finds them. Kai shoots her, but she instantly heals and she knocks him away, leaving him barely conscious while Diva approaches Riku. Saya and Carl's battle takes them to the same room, where Diva is holding Kai and threatening to give him her blood. Saya stabs her, but as she forgot to add her blood to her sword, Diva just laughs and shoves her away. When she falls, Saya spots Riku's naked, cracking body nearby; Diva taunts Saya that she gave him her blood in return for raping him. As Hagi holds off Carl, Kai and Saya watch helplessly as Riku's body shatters completely. David and Lewis find them and lead them back to the ship deck. They try to seal Diva and Carl in the ship's hold, but they easily break out and Carl seriously wounds Joel. Saya and Hagi stay to fight them while the others get away to safety. As Kai watches from the departing helicopter, the ship explodes.

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