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"The Power of Believing"

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Episode Summary: One year has passed since Riku's death and the destruction of the Red Shield headquarters. Kai, Lewis, and David are now in London, living at a shelter for war orphans run by Gray, an ex-military man and David's former instructor. Kai now wears the crystal chunk from Riku's body around his neck in the form of a diamond-shaped pendant. Devastated by the events and with his spirit broken, David lives in a drunken stupor. Joel, who must use a wheelchair after the injury Carl inflicted upon him, brings Kai some special bullets they hope will be able to kill chiropterans. He also reveals that Julia is in the United States with Collins. Joel thinks David hates him for what happened and he blames himself for Riku's death. Kai tells him he is determined to stop Diva and her chevaliers, and that he must do all that he can until Saya returns. Gray lectures David on his wallowing in self-pity when Kai has turned his loss into his strength and found his purpose. Later, Kai pours out all of David's alcohol, asking him what he would say to those who died. David says it is pointless without Saya, and Kai yells at him that it is his job to wait for her. Meanwhile, in the US, James and Van give a demonstration of their new soldiers, the Corpse Corps. Three of the soldiers kill a single chiropteran, and Dr. Collins tells Julia they don't need Saya anymore. The U.S. agrees to use them. As the Corpse Corps are transported, several members of The Schiff watch from the shadows. That night, Kai and Lewis are out hunting chiropterans, but the new bullets do not work. As they find themselves surrounded by three chiropterans, Saya and Hagi appear.

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