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"Mismatched Feelings"

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Episode Summary: James and Diva leave to go to a luncheon, but Diva gets him to take her to the Royal Convent Garden so she can sing. David meets with Mao and Okamura who tell him that Diva's opera is being jointly sponsored by Cinq Fleches and Goldsmith Holdings, that the two companies have partnered to produce food for the military forces across the countries. They also have a research facility on the outskirts of London that is headed up by Van. David uses a stolen ID to infiltrate the lab where he discovers Julia and learns a little more about the research being done. He's almost captured by Van who remembered David from Vietnam, but David instead uses Van as a hostage to escape. At the opera house, Saya, Hagi, and Kai battle with James while Nathan watches. Saya's sword is unable to penetrate James' iron-like skin, leaving James an opportunity to kill Saya. However, Nathan stops him and makes him leave, promising Saya he would find her a "suitable" stage to die on. Weakened from the battle, Saya feeds on Hagi. Kai turns away, then looks back to find both have left.

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