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"The Showdown Island"

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Episode Summary: Unable to get a boat on her own, Saya reluctantly agrees to go to Christina Island on the boat with the Red Shield and The Schiff. When they arrive, the three remaining Schiff members go off on their own, despite Kai's warning to stick together, and engage numerous Corpse Corps. David, Lewis, Kai, Saya, and Hagi continue towards where they believe Diva is, but first must face off against James. While Saya continues to battle James, Kai takes Hagi to save The Schiff. With the help of Hagi and The Schiff, Saya is able to strike James with her sword. As he falls into a huge tunnel, he manages to pull Saya and Kai in, but Solomon appears and saves them both. He tells them that it was a trap set by Amshel to see if Solomon would tell Saya, and that Diva is on her way to New York. Before leaving, Solomon tells Saya that he is in love with her, and will always be on her side.

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