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"Dreams That Chevaliers Dream"

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Episode Summary: In New York, Saya rests in a hotel room and receives more blood transfusions while Hagi takes care of her. With her condition worsening, Saya grows more contemplative. She apologizes to Hagi for making him a chevalier, but Hagi assures her he has never regretted it. Solomon goes to where Diva and the others are, wearing a black suit instead of the white suits he used to prefer. Solomon asks Diva if she remembers the day they met. He tells her that he cannot see Saya as his enemy and proclaims his love for her. Diva tells him to do what he likes and strips him of his role as her chevalier. Amshel refuses to let him leave alive, but Nathan stops their fighting. Solomon says he will live with Saya as Solomon Goldsmith.

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