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"The Place Where I Belong"

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Episode Summary: A month after the last episode, the apartment that Okamura and Mao were using in Los Angeles is blown up, so they join David and the others at their cheap apartment in Little Italy, New York. Saya is continuing to grow weaker and requiring more sleep. Mao makes her promise to return to Okinawa and go shopping with her after everything is over. Kai and Lewis meet with one of Lewis' old CIA contacts, and learns that Goldsmith has deep connections with both the U.S. military and the Secretary of Defense. While meeting with a retired general, Joel learns Diva will be performing at an Air Force base in North Carolina. Mao overhears Hagi and Saya talking about Saya's approaching time to go into her 30-year hibernation. Though she's furious, Mao agrees to keep her secret and makes a promise with her that no matter what, Saya will return to Okinawa. Meanwhile, Van puts Dr. Collins in charge of the research division at Cinq Flèches, while Amshel has Julia replace Dr. Collins as Diva's primary care physician. Julia learns that Diva is pregnant and that Amshel is one of Diva's chevaliers.

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