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"Turn the Palm of Your Hand Toward the Sun"

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Episode Summary: Unable to find Karman, Kai and the others return to the apartment. Moses arrives and after apologizing to Kai, tells him he must die. Saya blocks his scythe swing, but Moses manages to knock Kai out of the window. Hagi catches him before he hits the ground. Kai runs, trying to stay in the light so Moses can't attack him. When Moses corners him in an alley, Kai tries to convince Moses to stop and find out why he's doing this, but Moses won't answer. Backed against a fence, the sunlight stops Moses and Kai escapes. He runs to Central Park, but Moses finds him again and begins chasing him around the forest. Meanwhile, James goes to The Schiff's hideout and tells Karman that Moses is going to kill Kai to save him, even though it won't really work. James tells Karman it is for his revenge, because the existence of The Schiff has separated him from the one he loves the most. After seeing his new half-Schiff body, Diva declared that James wasn't her James anymore and hates him. In the park, Kai manages to shoot off Moses hood, but then runs over to cover him back off so the light won't kill him. Spurning Kai's sympathy, Moses strikes at Kai with a spike he grows on his hand, but Karman appears and takes the blow meant for Kai instead. Karman calms Moses down and before they leave, asks Kai to give Lulu their weapons. They go to a bridge where Karman tells Moses they won't be forgotten since Kai will remember them and pass on those memories. Together they stand and face the setting sun, their hoods removed. As they are enveloped in green flames, they agree that they are glad they met. In the apartment, Lulu cries over their weapons.

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