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"To Demon World Acropolis"

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Episode Summary: Staz's reluctance to visit Braz in Acropolis enrages Wolf who forces him to finish that which he had started while also threatening Bell to use her Spatial Magic to take Staz to Acropolis. Wolf then kicks Staz into a newly opened portal where he ends up in Bell's bedroom. Here Bell once again tries testing Staz but he instead questions her true motive. Bell reveals that Staz's magic acts as though it leaks out of a seal prompting him to explain his history with Braz. Staz explains that when he was younger, Braz conducted numerous torturous experiments on him for the purpose of sealing away his magic, which Braz had managed by shooting a bullet directly into his heart thus creating a seal that only he can remove. Upon learning this, Bell finally confirms that Staz isn't the magic thief since he simply wasn't powerful enough to steal her Black Curtain, but this only makes her more curious about Staz's true power. Bell then tries to provoke Staz by locking him in her spatial grid room until he promises to have Braz remove the seal. Staz agrees and states that when his seal is removed he will use his full magic power and actually steal her spatial magic. Afterwards Bell treats Staz to sushi and begins falling for him against her better judgement. Meanwhile, back in the Demon World, Fuyumi's body starts vanishing once more, prompting Wolf to hurriedly take her to the mad-scientist: Franken Stein. Finally Bell takes Staz to Acropolis and decides to cause some trouble to force him into breaking the magical seal. Staz decides to sneak into Braz's castle but ends up being caught by his little sister and Warden of the Demon World—Liz T. Blood who had disowned him because of his betrayal and imprisons him in the prison known as "Liz's Toy Box". Staz's fellow inmates then trick him into pushing a suspicious button in his cell which opens to a corridor. In the epilogue, after being led to another room, Staz once again encounters Liz who explains that a prisoner can leave at any time they wish, providing they can defeat her zombie subordinates in battle; a feat which not a single inmate has yet to accomplish.

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