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"Fading Beauty"
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Episode Summary: Cynthia has grown jealous of Bouquet's beauty. This causes her to seek out and eliminate her. A fight on the narrow path causes everyone to fall into Death Valley. Bouquet brings out her Hippopotamus shadow to turn into a ball...which ends up scattering everyone. As Shu and Co. evade the experimented creatures there, Cynthia learns from Andropov that the fog there has softened the cliff sides to the point where it is impossible to climb. As Andropov tries to find a way out for Cynthia, Bouquet and Hippopotamus secretly follow her to find a way out with Bouquet leaving a trail of her clothes for the others to follow. When her cover ends up blown near the exit of Death Valley, Cynthia attacks. Things weren't looking good for Bouquet and Hippopotamus. When Shu and Co. arrive, Cynthia retreats.

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