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Episode Summary: General Logi arrives in a ruined town owned by Gran Kingdom where General Orehill of Gran Kingdom's 3rd Squadron army is trying to set up a new world order. While traveling to the Sealed Grounds, Zola explains that the Sealed Grounds are a set of ruins relating to the Soldiers of Light as Andropov spies on them. Back at the ruined town, General Logi establishes it as the Rosekstan Kingdom which will be a Shadow Extremist nation. He also persuades General Orehill, the civilians, and the Gran Kingdom soldiers present to join his cause after showing them the Black Shadow Type Four (exo-suits that contain artificial shadows). Schneider informs General Logi about the information Andropov told him about Zola heading to the Sealed Grounds. General Logi and Schneider confronts the team on the path to the Sealed Grounds. General Logi faces off against Zola while Schneider and Andropov keep the others busy. General Logi recaps when Zola was with Gran Kingdom army before she betrayed them. The others unleash their shadows to fight back against Schneider and Andropov. Zola mentions to General Logi that she's after the truth of shadows. In order to learn about Zola's secret, General Logi instructs Andropov and Schneider to capture one of the Shadow Wielders. As Andropov charges toward Shu and Kluke, Blue Dragon uses his Blue Explosion attack to shatter Alubujem. However, Andropov has Alubujem use its remains to form a crystalline trap around Kluke. This enables Andropov, Schneider, and General Logi to get away. On the airship, General Logi states to Andropov and Schneider that he will get Kluke to tell her everything she knows about Zola and the shadows.

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