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"The Sinister Sea"
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Episode Summary: The last 7 pages of the Book of the Beginning are stolen and the guards find Salinas dead outside the city. Zola and company leave on a voyage, while Bouquet secretly boards the ship. Bouquet and Kluke argue whether Bouquet should stay or not (The argument mainly started when Bouquet started hugging Shu, Kluke got mad and was accused by Bouqet that Kluke liked Shu). They encounter a cute seal-like sea creature which produces a strange fog that causes the characters to act strangely. Bouquet helps to defeat the creature and officially joins the party. Shu, still recovering from the fog, inadvertently agrees to marry Bouquet. This results in Kluke getting mad and Shu to say " Oh no! The fog is back. I'm falling asleep." and then run off with Kluke in pursuit.

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