Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Dai 2-ki Episode 7 English Subbed

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"He's My Brother, But As Long As There's Love, It Doesn't Matter If He Gets More Sisters, Right?"
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Episode Summary: Yozora, Sena, Rika and Yukimura go with Kodaka to Nagaya in order to pick out a present for Kobato's birthday despite each wanting to go alone with him. During the train ride, they talk about clothes shopping which leads Yozora embarrassed as she had mistaken the definition of 'boyish', ending up with revealing clothes. After they arrive, Yozora heads off to shop for new clothes while Kodaka helps Sena out with her shopping. They end up on the top floor of the mall at a café. Sena asks Kodaka about what he feels regarding the other members in the club and whether or not he would consider getting a girlfriend. Kodaka replies that he cannot have girlfriends until he has friends. Then he asks Sena what she thought of him and Yozora being past friends in which Sena answers that only the present matters. After Kobato's birthday party ends well. Kodaka returns home with Kobato to cook sukiyaki using Sena's birthday present (meat). Maria and Kate show up to join Kodaka and Kobato, with Maria also bringing Kobato another present. As they take their leave the next morning, Kate wishes that Kodaka was more than her 'onii-chan' and gives an obscure hint about Kodaka's supposed relationship with Sena.

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  1. KVN

    Feb 22nd, 2013

    Damn 15 year olds sure do grow fast

  2. Sugoisan

    Feb 22nd, 2013

    amen kvn. who knows that the happy birthday song is copyrighted and singing it can get you sued!? either way, I HATE SENA! shes dumb annoying and her breasts are gross.

  3. Jay

    Feb 22nd, 2013

    @Sugoisan damn that’s harsh and sena’s breast are awesome!

  4. Sugoisan

    Feb 23rd, 2013

    its harsh, but its true, they sag way down to the floor. its gross, Yozora’s breasts are more normal and they are perfect. see, now look what you did,, I sound like a pervert!

  5. yuri

    Feb 23rd, 2013

    lol at the convos above.

  6. Jonathonman

    Mar 1st, 2013

    Beware Echii’s Above ^^^^^

  7. semoponume

    Mar 1st, 2013

    i agree..yozora breast are perfect..sena is a bit gross..

  8. randomguy

    Mar 13th, 2013

    big tits are nice but if its more then a handful theres no point in it.

  9. Riser

    Mar 14th, 2013

    The conversation above made me laugh.

    But anyways… who the HELL buys meat for a gift?!?!

  10. SeoEPC

    Mar 23rd, 2013

    Time to download

  11. Agent287

    Apr 9th, 2013

    @Riser: Second Demotion. hehehe

    Anyway, Sena’s breast is way to big, that’s why Yozora called her Meat because she’s like a cow. xD Oh yeah! Yozora’s breast is well ok. Great, I’m now pervert number 2. hehehe

    For Best Friends, they sure fight a lot. hehehe

  12. jscape

    Apr 15th, 2013

    yozora is perfect in lots of peoples minds and I agree

  13. Momo

    Apr 18th, 2013

    Haha funny episode xD i wonder if he ever picks one of them! =0 there all so pretty! =3

  14. bryllezzz

    May 29th, 2013


  15. Nobody

    Jan 12th, 2014

    But i love sena’s big tits….

  16. adime

    Mar 29th, 2014

    lol is this for pervert conversation???

  17. Someone

    May 25th, 2014

    Lmao with the conversation above suddenly talking about Sena’s cow breasts lol

  18. tRUELieZ

    Jul 1st, 2014

    hahah….LOL…ONI-AI title

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