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"The Time of Awakening"

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Episode Summary: In the continent of Cruzon, the people have the ability to use magic to manipulate Quartz. Rygart Arrow is a rarity as he is an Un-sorcerer, a person unable to use magic. He is invited to Binonten, the capital city of Krisna by Hodr and his wife Sigyn, his old classmates from the Assam Military Academy and the King and Queen of Krishna. However, he learns the nation of Assam has fallen due a coup d'état and is now under the Athens Commonwealth, who now set their sights to Krishna where a small Golem taskforce is heading to the capital led by their old Military Academy classmate, Zess. Hodr leads Rygart to a secret mine where he shows him a mysterious Golem they found built by the Ancients but are unable to pilot it. Rygart, pleads Hodr to surrender to the Athenians but Hodr reveals one of the terms of surrender the Athenians secretly want for Krishna is the execution of the Royal family including Sigyn which troubles Rygart. Just then, Zess forces have arrive and plans to quickly capture the King and make him surrender. Rygart accidentally gets into the Ancient Golem's cockpit and is able to pilot it and defeat one of Zess subordinates, Lee, thanks to its speed and reflexes. Zess arrives and defeats Rygart, but is forced to pull back with Lee when General Baldr and his men arrive. While Sigyn and her engineers try to repair the Ancient Golem, she is surprised of its excellent mobility and the way it was built. The next day, Zess's forces returns and attacks Binonten. Wanting to convince Zess to stop, Rygart takes the Ancient Golem as he is the only who can pilot it and heads out to meet Zess.

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