Break Blade 2: Ketsubetsu no Michi English Subbed

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"The Split Path"

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Episode Summary: The narration begins by revealing Athens invaded the Krisna Kingdom for allowing the Orlando Empire to cross into their land to attack Athens during their power struggle over Assam but the true purpose of the invasion is to take over the Krisna Quartz mines as Athens is suffering a shortage of Quartz. In the Athens capital of Ilios, Secretary of War Loquis has received news that his brother Zess has successfully reach Binonten. Meanwhile, Rygart manages to get a ceasefire between the Athens invaders and Krisna defenders and speaks with Zess. The two friends immediately talk about the war and Zess knows Orlando tricked Krisna during the Assam's coup d'état and wants Hodr to surrender to spare Krisna from the Athens Invasion force. Realizing Zess does not know about the secret terms of surrender for the Royal family, Rygart tries to tell him but both are forced to fight when General True and his men attack, breaking the ceasefire. Rygart escapes the battle but encounters and fights Lee instead and manages to destroy one of her Golem's arm and is shot down by one of General Baldr's men named Dan. Rygart tries convince Dan not to kill Lee but he is killed by her instead before Rygart subdues her Golem. With her Golem broken and not willing to be a prisoner of "barbarians" (a product of Athens propaganda), Lee kills herself which distraughts Ryagrt as he was unable to saved anyone. It is not long until Zess and Cleo learns of Lee's fate. Feeling guilty over Lee and Dan's death, Rygart decides to leave the capital. But after hearing about Hodr's decision to surrender and advice from General Baldr, Rygart changes his mind and decides to join the war. Rygart is knighted a Heavy knight of Krisna and the official pilot of the Ancient Golem, now called Delphine.

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