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"The Land of Disaster"

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Episode Summary: As Zess and Erekt returns to Athens, Krisna mobilizes their army to face the Athenian Invaders. Cleo continues living with Sigyn where the latter warns her not to harm Rygart again. Meanwhile, Sigyn assembles a special Golem force led by Narvi with Rygart, her older brother Nile and Sniper Loggin under her command including Girghe. Girghe is General Baldr's son and a talented Golem pilot who has been given Cleo's Golem but he is a former criminal who killed his teammates without reason which Baldr warns Rygart to be careful with his son and kill him if he does anything suspicious. As General True and General Baldr's forces head out, Rygart trains with his teammates to better use the Delphine while Hodr asks the Orlando Empire for help. Before leaving, Sigyn makes Rygart promise to come back safely. Unknown to Rygart and company, General True is ambushed by the Athenians led by Io and Nike, and is killed in battle. As a siege battle begins between Baldr and Borcuse forces, an officer named Elsa notices a small opportunity and convinces the General to let her lead a small Golem detachment to assault and kill Borcuse. Surprisingly, Borcuse and his men kill all of Elsa's forces despite being outnumbered 20 to 6. Borcuse orders Nike to drag and show Elsa's cockpit to the Krisnan defenders to demoralize them. However, Baldr rallies all of his Golems into attackong Borcuse's army. As Baldr's forces are cornered by Borcuse on both flanks, they are soon rescued by Rygart and his teammates by decimating the left flank, forcing Borcuse to order his army to retreat. As they escape into a valley, Borcuse forces get ambushed by Girghe who quickly subdues Nike's Golem and proceeds to fight Borcuse and his officers.

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